Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Registration Number:PRSEC/E/2012/18954
Name Of Complainant:M/s Nataraj S Narayan
Date of Receipt:24 Nov 2012
Received by:President's Secretariat
Forwarded to:Government of Kerala
Officer name:Shri Rajgopal Varma
Officer Designation:Deputy Secretary
Contact Address:Chief Ministers P.G. Redressal

Cell, Govt. Sectt.,

Contact Number:04712338430
Grievance Description:Respected President of India I have lodged a number of requests in this sites, most of them related to the problems and my grievance submitted to State Government departments of Kerala and Tamilnadu. Is there a facility to view and track all my requests that have been lodged in here, all in one web page? If not, is it possible to add such a facility to this site ? Regarding the redressals of my grievances lodged here, I regret to inform that not one single petition of mine has been resolved till date. All of those petitions ended up in some exchange of letters from the respective governments, and that was end of it, without no initiative, drive or any sense of accountability from those authorities whom you had delegated to attend to the petitions. Seriously, something is wrong in this setup. But I have some hope regarding this "Online" grievance system to work someday, because of the good experience I had with the Banking Ombudsman in Chennai. I had a grievance about the way the Corporation Bank was debiting bank charges for their services to customers like me, and one petition via Email to the Banking Ombudsman was enough to initiate speedy action, redressal of the grienvance and prompt feedback. I understand that I cannot expect tne kind of accountability and responsiveness like the RBI, from the other politically controlled beurocratice government departments of the state. But still I do have hope the this Helpline of yours would someday measure upto the name.
Date of Action:07 Dec 2012

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