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Registration Number:PRSEC/E/2013/06044
Name Of Complainant:M/s Nataraj S Narayan
Date of Receipt:28 Apr 2013
Received by:President's Secretariat


Grievance Description:Dear President Another tragic demise of a seven year old child by name Muthulakshmi, who had fallen into a tube well yesterday morning. Tamilnadu is notorious for this kind of deaths of children falling into uncovered and unsafe tubewells. There are at 100 cases of the same kind of death happening regularly in Tamilnadu. It is unfortunate that the State Government is unable to tackle the unlawful digging and unsruplous usage of the said Tube wells in the State. The authorities who should take care and reprimand the owners of these wells, should be brought to books and punished along with the owner or the landlord. Kindly look into this tragic problem and please bring in stringent measures to ensure that these tragedies never occur to any children again.
Current Status:CASE CLOSED
Date of Action:18 Aug 2014
Details:Acepted. The petitioner has offerred certain suggestion regarding the authorities are unable to control unlawful digging of tube well and fail to control open tube well death. So, the authorities concerned should be punished and Govt has to take stringent measures to control this menace which is policy decision of Government. Hence this file has been closed Vide this office lr. No. RA7(1)/21383/2014 date. 12.08.2014 and may be treated as closed.


Registration Number:PRSEC/E/2012/18954
Name Of Complainant:M/s Nataraj S Narayan
Date of Receipt:24 Nov 2012
Received by:President's Secretariat
Forwarded to:Government of Kerala
Officer name:Shri Rajgopal Varma
Officer Designation:Deputy Secretary
Contact Address:Chief Ministers P.G. Redressal

Cell, Govt. Sectt.,

Contact Number:04712338430
Grievance Description:Respected President of India I have lodged a number of requests in this sites, most of them related to the problems and my grievance submitted to State Government departments of Kerala and Tamilnadu. Is there a facility to view and track all my requests that have been lodged in here, all in one web page? If not, is it possible to add such a facility to this site ? Regarding the redressals of my grievances lodged here, I regret to inform that not one single petition of mine has been resolved till date. All of those petitions ended up in some exchange of letters from the respective governments, and that was end of it, without no initiative, drive or any sense of accountability from those authorities whom you had delegated to attend to the petitions. Seriously, something is wrong in this setup. But I have some hope regarding this "Online" grievance system to work someday, because of the good experience I had with the Banking Ombudsman in Chennai. I had a grievance about the way the Corporation Bank was debiting bank charges for their services to customers like me, and one petition via Email to the Banking Ombudsman was enough to initiate speedy action, redressal of the grienvance and prompt feedback. I understand that I cannot expect tne kind of accountability and responsiveness like the RBI, from the other politically controlled beurocratice government departments of the state. But still I do have hope the this Helpline of yours would someday measure upto the name.
Date of Action:07 Dec 2012

The bad condition of "Manarcadu-Ettumanoor"

Registration Number:PRSEC/E/2012/18533
Name Of Complainant:Mr. Nataraj S Narayan
Date of Receipt:17 Nov 2012
Received by:President's Secretariat
Forwarded to:Government of Kerala
Officer name:Shri Rajgopal Varma
Officer Designation:Deputy Secretary
Contact Address:Chief Ministers P.G. Redressal

Cell, Govt. Sectt.,

Contact Number:04712338430
Grievance Description:Respected President of India Subject: The bad condition of "Manarcadu-Ettumanoor" By-Pass Road A 11 Kilometer road connecting the Towns of Ettumanoor and Manarcau, is in a dangerous condition. About 5000 vehicles pass through this by-pass road per day even in this particular condition of damage due to holes and cracks on the road at about 100 places, all over the said 11 kilometers. There is a big chance of a serious accident occuring on this road, until then the authorities might ignore the plight of the people and the vehicles commuting through this by-pass. Fortunately or unfortunately, the major part of this road is in the constituency of the Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri Oomen Chandy, and other major 5 km of strech passes through 'Thiruvanchoor' town, which is the home town of the Hon. Home Minister of Kerala, Shri Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. There are some faint hearted measures being taken by the authorities for the past one decade or so, for aquiring the land for expansion of the said road, and unfortunatgely, there seems no chance of the completion of the process of aquisition by the goverment, in the near future, due to the red tapisim and lack of will in Kerala burocracy. The stand of the concerned departments seem to be that of complacency in repairing the road, until the issues of land aquisition for expansion is resolved. This is a vicious unending circle. Whereas many panchayat roads emerging from the said by-pass road, say from 'Neelandapady junction' to 'Karayogam budilings' are being maintained and repaired with lots of zeal and fervour , just the whet the narrow mindedness of the local body representatives. This bye-pass road is the only hope of people commuting through Kottayam to get away from the endless traffic and blocks encountered in the M.C road. Thus, it seems the current situation will go on for long time until some serious mishap has happened in this area due to the road condition. Kindly look into the matter and find a redressal for our grievances.
Date of Action:06 Dec 2012


Registration Number:PRSEC/E/2012/14390
Name Of Complainant:Mr. Nataraj S Narayan
Date of Receipt:12 Sep 2012
Received by:President's Secretariat
Forwarded to:Government of Kerala
Officer name:Shri Rajgopal Varma
Officer Designation:Deputy Secretary
Contact Address:Chief Ministers P.G. Redressal

Cell, Govt. Sectt.,

Contact Number:04712338430
Grievance Description:Respected President I receive no response to any e-mails sent by me to the Kerala Government departments:- The following is a copy of the mail I sent to Secretary Information Technology, Kerala Government. MIME-Version: 1.0 Received: by with HTTP; Thu, 6 Sep 2012 23:59:16 -0700 (PDT) Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 12:29:16 +0530 Delivered-To: Message-ID: Subject: "Sutharya Keralam" Ref No:17972/CMPGRC/SK/2012/GAD dated 24/08/12 From: Nataraj S Narayan To: Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 From Nataraj S Narayan Technical Architect Synergy Info Systems 23/614, Thekkemadom Ettumanoor - 686 631 Kottayam, Kerala To Secretary Department of Information Technology Government of Kerala Dear Sir With reference to letter "Ref No:17972/CMPGRC/SK/2012/GAD dated 24/08/12" from CMPGRC, it is mentioned in the letter that I should contact your office for further advice and assistance regarding my grievance. May I have an appointment with you in person regarding this matter? Kindly inform me at the earliest. Sincerely Nataraj S Narayan
Date of Action:27 Sep 2012

Grievance for Registration No: PRSEC/E/2012/11049

Subject: Sorry state of the bureaucracy of Kerala state. 


Dear President of India I am a civilian Indian citizen from Kerala State. I have a petition pending in the Home Department of Kerala State. The number being 2757/12/M(HOMEVIG), dated 26/06/12. The petition was registered on my behalf by the Private secretary of the honorable Home Minister Sri Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishan, as per a fax message of my request to the minister on 21-06-12. I received an acknowledgment of my petition on 28-06-12, asking me to contact the Principal Secretary for Home Ministry office of Kerala, for further information. I have been trying to contact the office and have sent various letters and e-mails , requesting the status of my petition. I contacted the Principal Secretary on his cell number published in the Home Ministry web site. As per his direction, I did sent a written request for his assistance by Speed post, for which I have not received any reply till date. The following are the issues I faced during my contact with the Principal Secretary's office. 1. No response to the E-mails sent to the official Ids listed in the Home Ministry web site. 2. Extremely rude and bullying behaviour by the staff akin to the British Raj days. 2. No empathy from the Principal secretary and the staff, citing official procedures, with a 'take it or leave it attitude'. 3. The IDEAS (Information and Data Exchange Advanced System) web site "" hosted by the Kerala IT Mission of the State government, which is petition tracker facility for the public, contains outdated data. The status of my petition for the past forty days hasn't changed at all:- 2757/12/M(HOMEVIG) REQEST FOR RESERCH WORK NATARAJ S NARAYANAN, 2/491, THEKKEMADOM, PALA ROAD, ETTUMANOOR P.O, KOTTAYAM CLERK On contacting the 'G' Section on phone Number, 0471 2518943 and a reference Number 54752, the officer on the phone (extremely rude, impolite, insulting person) says that IDEAS website is not authentic and not updated, and also there is no post called 'CLERK' in his department. And he says that I need not call him to enquire, "Things will happen at its own pace". 4. A strange and illegal Disclaimer on the said IDEAS website:- "Disclaimer Government of Kerala / NIC accepts no responsibility in relation to the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or otherwise, of the contents. Users are advised to verify/check any information with the relevant Government department(s) and/or other source(s), and to obtain any appropriate professional advice before acting on the information provided in the Portal." Which renders the whole System of on-line tracking of petitions useless. I wish to inform that if the departments don't value or consider a request or grievance sent via E-mail, why should they publish the mails ids in the official web sites? Is It not a violation of the IT act and its amendment in 2008, when the government bodies ignore the validity of electronic documents and letters sent via E-mails to the IDs published in the official websites? I wish to cite an example how other institutions like RBI are helping out common man like me. I did have a serious problem with the Corporation Bank of Coimbatore. I am an account holder with the bank and the bank resorted to an unprofessional way of debiting my accout stating RBI guidelines. On making a well drafted complaint to the Banking Ombudsman over E-mail in a short period of few weeks, the bank decision was reversed in my favour, at the behest of Banking Ombudsman Chennai. All of my communication between me , the Bank and the Ombudsman was via E-mail. Not once did I need to use postal, fax or commuting to Chennai. Kindly enforce the IT act amendment of 2008 in Government department to help us, the common civilian citizen of India. Warm regards Nataraj S Narayan

Registration Number : PRSEC/E/2014/08334

Honourable President of India

The following is the mail I received from a Web site :-, which is known to be a fraud company

which engages in conducting Lucky draws on the site visitors. It

asks the site visitors to key in their choice selection of few

questions and then offers mobile gadgets for a very low price,

say a few hundreds for gadgets like Apple I-Phone, which cost

about 50-60 thousand in the market. Once the payment is made,

there won't be any response from them.

Hundreds of complaints in the India forums on the Internet are to

be found which illustrate the many number of unlucky consumers

who made online payment trusting to have the prizes delivered,

who have lost their money.

Kindly look into the matter and find out whether the

are fradulent people or if some other entity is impersonating

them and conducting business of cheating a corruption.

Their contacts as per their e-mail is :-



Nataraj S Narayan

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Subject: Password restored for shophunk
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From: Shophunk <>

Dear Nataraj S Narayan,

Your password has been restored and new credential are as below.

Login Details

Your Login Username : 9443211326

Your Password : 9K08tbN24krU5XZ

If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to

contact us at 080-30752798 or


shophunk Team

Registration Number : PRSEC/E/2014/12407

Honorable President of India The following is an EMail I sent to the Mail ID of Minister for Women & Child Development, Ms Menaka Gandhi, the mail ID being "" on 07-08-2014. I have not received any reply or acknowledgement to this email till date. It seems that there is no proper system or mechanism to accept and act on grievances sent via Email in the Ministry. The Mail about Unsrupulous vaccination drives taking place in private schools. kindly look into the matter. Warm regards Nataraj S Narayan MIME-Version: 1.0 Received: by with HTTP; Thu, 7 Aug 2014 04:56:20 -0700 (PDT) Reply-To: Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 17:26:20 +0530 Delivered-To: Message-ID: <> Subject: Vaccination Issues in Schools From: Nataraj S Narayan <> To: From Nataraj S Narayan 23/614, Thekkemadom Pala Road Ettumanoor - 686631 INDIA Ph:9443211326 Honorable Minister for Women & Child Welfare The following is a mail sent to me from the doctors of Good Shepherd International School, Ooty, where my children are studying. The mail is to notify me about the compulsory vaccination being administered to all students of the school. ****************************************************************** "Dear Parent, Good Shepherd International School has been COMPULSORILY giving FLU vaccine (including H1N1) every year to its residents which include student, staff and workers at all levels. We have been doing this for the past 5 years and it has proven very beneficial for all concerned, especially when we are in a community living with a strict Government protocol in cases of suspected swine flu. Your child shall be vaccinated for the same this year by mid August 2014. This is for your information. With regards, *Residential Medical Officers *" ****************************************************************** It is my contention that high profile schools are bit overzealous and over concerned about vaccinating against all sorts of new virus scares. There is a growing concern among us parents, whether the schools and the doctors are falling victim to the ploys of pharmaceutical companies, which are keen to reap huge profits, taking advantage of the next and latest virus stain that comes into the society. Vaccination has surely eradicated many of the endemics which otherwise would have crippled and debilitated our next generation. But nowadays lots of literature and controversies regarding the effectiveness of these vaccines as a panacea to viral infections as well the growing concern among the parents that the indiscriminate vaccinations could be cause of triggering autism spectrum of disorders. The email says about adhering to stricts protocols set by the Government. If so, let me remind H1N1 virus cannot just be a scare limited to the students of an International school with 1500 students alone, whereas it would affect the whole community of children of the Ooty. Has the Government and its machinery embarked on vaccinating the children belonging to whole community or district or all children belonging to all government schools? Certainly this cannot be the privilege of a few children in a community. As mentioned in the mail, the school being a fully residential one, the authorities seem to take the short hard way of vaccinating every one rather than long and easy route of letting the students gain immunity. Kindly note that I have no dispute with the intentions of the school and the good doctors. As a layman citizen and parent, I am reaching out to you to enquire into the matter, in your capacity and powers, about the need and efficacy of the vaccination, and announce a national policy regarding this issue of rampant vaccination campaigns limited to private communities. Sincerely Nataraj S Narayan