Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The bad condition of "Manarcadu-Ettumanoor"

Registration Number:PRSEC/E/2012/18533
Name Of Complainant:Mr. Nataraj S Narayan
Date of Receipt:17 Nov 2012
Received by:President's Secretariat
Forwarded to:Government of Kerala
Officer name:Shri Rajgopal Varma
Officer Designation:Deputy Secretary
Contact Address:Chief Ministers P.G. Redressal

Cell, Govt. Sectt.,

Contact Number:04712338430
Grievance Description:Respected President of India Subject: The bad condition of "Manarcadu-Ettumanoor" By-Pass Road A 11 Kilometer road connecting the Towns of Ettumanoor and Manarcau, is in a dangerous condition. About 5000 vehicles pass through this by-pass road per day even in this particular condition of damage due to holes and cracks on the road at about 100 places, all over the said 11 kilometers. There is a big chance of a serious accident occuring on this road, until then the authorities might ignore the plight of the people and the vehicles commuting through this by-pass. Fortunately or unfortunately, the major part of this road is in the constituency of the Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri Oomen Chandy, and other major 5 km of strech passes through 'Thiruvanchoor' town, which is the home town of the Hon. Home Minister of Kerala, Shri Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. There are some faint hearted measures being taken by the authorities for the past one decade or so, for aquiring the land for expansion of the said road, and unfortunatgely, there seems no chance of the completion of the process of aquisition by the goverment, in the near future, due to the red tapisim and lack of will in Kerala burocracy. The stand of the concerned departments seem to be that of complacency in repairing the road, until the issues of land aquisition for expansion is resolved. This is a vicious unending circle. Whereas many panchayat roads emerging from the said by-pass road, say from 'Neelandapady junction' to 'Karayogam budilings' are being maintained and repaired with lots of zeal and fervour , just the whet the narrow mindedness of the local body representatives. This bye-pass road is the only hope of people commuting through Kottayam to get away from the endless traffic and blocks encountered in the M.C road. Thus, it seems the current situation will go on for long time until some serious mishap has happened in this area due to the road condition. Kindly look into the matter and find a redressal for our grievances.
Date of Action:06 Dec 2012

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