Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grievance for Registration No: PRSEC/E/2015/02779

Grievance for Registration No: PRSEC/E/2015/02779
Subject: Six year old Child Missing Honorable President of India I request to consider and redress the issue of a 22 year old lady from Kerala, by name Fathima, daughter of Subaida, Moolai Veedu,Near Pazhasshi School, Matthannoor, Karuvachal, Kerala. This woman, Fathima is has registered a case at Chandni Chowk Police Station,Delhi, regarding the loss of her six year old daughter, who was stolen from her hands from Delhi Railway Station. The said incident happened in November last year, and till date the lady has not got back her child. Fathima being a poor and illiterate lone woman, she was taken refuge on November 15th at "Prayas Bharathi Trust", Patna. The police have foresaken her as of now, claiming that she has no photo of her missing child, despite the fact that 2 of the miscreants who snatched away her child were nabbed by the police. The incident of missing child happened in Delhi. The "Prayas Bharathi Trust", Chair person Ms. Suman Lal has all the infomation about this woman. The sad situation is that the woman cannot go back to Kerala and is desparate about getting her Six year old child back in her arms. Her father has passed away long time back and is a destitute without support from her husband. She had been to Kashmir on a visit to her uncle, along with her daughter and was on her way back to Kerala, when her uncle left her at Delhi Railway station. Respected sir, the story has been reported in the 'Mathrubhumi' Malayalam daily newspaper on the 12th page, dated 24-3-15, yesterday. Kindly understand that the it is the worst nightmare of any parent endure the heart rending tragedy of a child going missing, that too a girl child. Please help Fathima and get her child back to her.


  1. How this issue can be made more visible to state Govt?

    1. May be an MLA or Minister hailing from the area can take up the issue? May be the politicians of Muslim League might help, perhaps?

      Hope the child returns safe and sound into her mother's arms. What is the use to belong to a civilized law abiding society, if they can just steal a child in front of one's eyes?

  2. Yes. Very sad.
    Please do follow-up of this issue till some action is in place.
    I will also try my side.