Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to do what you want to do

How To Do What You Want To Do

Dr Paul Hauck begins with the example of a person, who was suffering from psychological and physical problems. The man had developed fa fear of height. He was so fed up with his restricted life that he decided to do something about it. The man then told a lot of people that h was foing to climb Mt. Blanc and could not go back on his promise without being laughed at. He actually climbed Mt Blanc.

The author lays stress on the descipline it taks to develop one's body and mind in order to achieve something great.
He is taking the examples of Albert Ellis, the founder of the Institute for Advanced Study in Rational Psychotherapy and the school psychotherapy called Rational-Emotive Therapy(RET), Isaac Asimov, the book writer, Michelangelo, and a lot of miscellaneous examples of persons who fought against their debilities and marched ahead to success in their chosen fields.His message is that it is so easy to give up and that gambling is able to give us a lucky break. but it doesnt mean that we don't need to work. Boredom and fear are two obstacles.The author has divided the matter into five chapters and explains why it is so easy to give up , in the second chapter.In his opinion, The three obstacles of self discipline are: parental spoiling, perfectionism and feelings of inferiority. Who is to decide we are inferior to some others?What is criteria to determine whether a man is inferior to any other? There may be inferior traits.But those people may have some othe traits which may put them ahead of others.In chapter four, he deals with the techniques of self discipline. We have to take risks. Then only we will be rewarded well. Dr. Hauck quotes the examples of many people and then advises to eliminate the fear of being phony. The book that this abstract writer read is printed in India in collaboration with Sheldon Presss, London. It is priced at 4.99 pounds.

How To Do What You Want To Do Originally published in Shvoong:


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  2. I got the book from Sudha Publications, New Delhi, in 1985.