Monday, April 14, 2014

adverse event following immunisation

Grievance for Registration No: PRSEC/E/2014/05924 Respected President of India I wish to inform about an issue related to adverse event following immunisation which happened in 2011. Nowadays a controversy about the capaign for Rubella vaccination is raging in my home state Kerala. The claim by the campaigners are that 220 cases of AEFI has been reported with respect to Rubella vaccination. Mine is an issue with MMR vaccination done at Bharath Hospital, Kottayam, which is a leading private hospital owned by Dr.Viswanata Pillai. The following is a copy of the mail I sent in the Indian Medical Association web site,, for which I did not recieve any acknowledgement.

Respected Sir/Madam

I wish to inquire if there any proven relation between MMR vaccine and onset of Autism spectrum of disorders. I had my 5 year old daughter vaccinated for MMR,Polio and DPT in March 2011. She was administered three vaccines together, namely, MMR,DPT and oral polio. The injections were extremely painful for the child and she had suffered a fever for 2 days after the vaccinations. Withing a few days we observed a marked behavioral change in her with respect to reacting to normal insects seen in the house and premises. She is reacting with extreme panic whenever she comes across insects like cockroach or lizard. Very much uncontrollable. Also she has become extremely aware of dirt in her vicinity, with no let down in the intensity of her reaction. She suddenly started being adamant in not visiting toilet. An act which I saw her doing for the first time. She was telling she saw a white cockroach inside the toilet and she was stoically holding her stools throughout the day. I had to forcefully carry her inside and make her sit on the closet. Throughout she was frantically trying to break away from my grips, crying out that "'the white cockroach is very much present that she had seen it on the closet that even though it is not to be seen it is still around". My house has lots of the said insect but haven't seen a white one yet, and also the chance of it being inside when I was with my kid is almost zero. I am a bit worried about this episode that did it trigger of something which is going to haunt her for the rest of her life, OCD. My kid is a very much hilarious and clever child with almost no inhibitions and neuroses till date. I have been reading about these shots from a book by paediatrician , late Dr Lendon Smith. He was proponent of the theory that the shots do more harm than good, bringing about neurological side effects like ADD. Despite this reading, In case, I need to provide testimony for the incidence for further verification, I can provide you with the details. Kindly initiate a scientific and authentic enquiry into the issue of vaccination issues suffered by unaware victims and kindly bring to books the Pharma corporates, if they indulge in mal-practises in marketing outdated and inferior vaccines. Warm regards Nataraj S Narayan

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