Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Man handling at Gandhi Bhavan, Kottayam

Man handling by Mr.Shajahan at Gandhi Bhavan, Kottayam, Kerala On 15-06-12, I had an appointment with honorable Minister of Home, Kerala State, Shri Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan for discussing an issue about the working of Cyber cell of Kerala. The minister told me to meet him at "Gandhi Bhavan", nearCollectorate, Kottayam, on the next day, 16-06-12 at 2 p.m. As directed by the minister, I went to meet him at Gandhibhavan on 16th 2:00pm. But it was found that there were at least 100 people standing and surrounding the minister, trying to talk about their grievance. Hence I thought it was better to contact the Private secretary of the Minister and inform about my grievance and ask for another appointment. Just when I moved to the place where the P.S was standing, without warning and without reason this person called Mr.Shajahan started shouting and pushing me violently. He was shouting and insulting me and pushing with his elbow asking to move away as if talking to a beggar on the street, shouting out that I was trying to topple some photos fitted on the walls. Most of the People around, most of them in white khadar, your party workers started jeering and enjoyed a good laugh at this insulting behavior of Mr.Shajahan. I believe Mr.Shajahan is some official or care taker of the said Gandhibhavan. I was trying to clarify that I have no intention to topple or break any photos of the place, that I was only trying to give my visiting card to the P.S of the minister. But the man would not listen to me. I narrowly escaped from being thrown out by thisman. I am sorry to tell that this whole episode happened in the front of minister Shri, Thiruvanchoor, just 3 feet away from me and Mr.Shajahan. It is really sad that the plight of common citizens like me who aretreated like beggars in the very front of the Home minister of Kerala. I have vowed this to be the first and last time me, a civilian common citizen should meet a Political leader or Minister. It is the attitude of these men that is disgusting. The political leaders and party men are xenophobic enough to think of themselves as an institution to themselves, who can take the un organized masses granted as a mass of vote bank, and nothing else.

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